How I am Learning Computer Vision — Pt.2 — Mathematics and Colors


When I started this very post, I begun writing about my learning of Linear Algebra, but, along with linear algebra, I’ve encountered few problems understanding Vectors and Matrices.

Learning Path

It’s time clean up this mess.

Shifting focus

Back to my roots, today (24/07/2022), I decided that I’ll learn with practice again. I’ll find a problem and I’ll understand it, fast, I will no longer focus hours and hours of my weekends studying mathematics foundations.

  1. Mathematics for Machine Learning

Trial and Error

This is the most important “truth” about the learning proccess, you’ll always wrong, you’ll encounter many problems, some of them, even if you try, you’ll not understand at first. And it is no problem at all.

Linear Algebra

I chose a well known channel on Youtube to learn about Linear Algebra, it is called 3Blue1Brown.

  1. Youtube Channel:
  2. Linear Algebra playlist:

Vectors and Matrices



Source: Wikipedia — Cone Cell

Digital Images

Answering one my question, images ranges from 0 to 255 because they are binary!

Wavelenghts and Numbers

Humans sees lectromagnetic wavelengths and computers, sees numbers.

Source: Wikpedia —

My job

As job is my top 1 priority, this month I’ll start to focus on two other subjects (Dashboards using Python and Natural Language Processing) that are necessary for my job, so, I do not know how long I’ll stay away from Computer Vision and my blog posts.



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Igor Comune

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