My First Dashboard

The Link

Well, first of all, I shall share with you the dashboard:

  1. Go the bottom of the page and scan the QR code.
My First Dashboard


As I said before, they are reports… but they are not simple reports, they are dynamic and interactive. If you are not familiarized with dashboards, please open the link above.

  1. Min, Max and Average Weight talks by itself.
  2. Below them, we have a slide bar, where you can select any date interval by sliding the white dot. When you filter the data, Power BI automatically filter the rest of the data for you, averages, max, min…
Image 1 - Filtering data using Date Inverval slide bar

Line graph

Image 2 — Line Graph


Image 3 — TreeMap
Image 4 - Clicking over 2021

QR Code

Link to the Dashboard



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Igor Comune

Igor Comune

An "under construction" Data Scientist with a love for numbers and analysis!