Data Science: Thrash Metal and Beer

Igor Comune
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Well, I’m a Thrash Metal fan and also a Beer fan.

And now I’ve been learning Data Science… So let’s bring it all together!

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Kings of Beer

Or Tankard, for fans… “[…] is a German thrash metal band from Frankfurt, founded in 1982. […] Stylistically, Tankard have consistently played thrash metal that thematically centres primarily on alcohol reverence.Wikipedia.

The Albums

  1. Zombie Attack (1986)
  2. Chemical Invasion (1987)
  3. The Morning After (1988)
  4. Alien (1989)
  5. The Meaning Of Life (1990)
  6. Stone Cold Sober (1992)
  7. Two-Faced (1994)
  8. The Tankard (1995)
  9. Disco Destroyer (1998)
  10. Kings Of Beer (2000)
  11. B-Day (2002)
  12. Beast Of Bourbon (2004)
  13. The Beauty And The Beer (2006)
  14. Thirst (2008)
  15. Volume 14 (2010)
  16. A Girl Called Cerveza (2012)
  17. Rest In Beer (2014)

In the 17 albuns of Tankard, 3 of them have “Beer” in their title. Is represents 17,64% of the total. But you may have noticed that I also formated as italic the word “Cerveza”. The Word “Cerveza” comes from Spanish and it means “Beer”, so Tankard scored 23,52% with a translation.

And the word “Beer” is the only repeated word in all album names.

Image 1 — Wordcloud from all Tankard albuns.

All Musics

In this section there will be a brief analysis over all musics lyrics of Tankard. We’ll show you a wordcloud, as we did in the Image 1. The treemaps are interactive graphs, but due to Medium’s limitation we’ll show you just a image from the html file. You can download the html file and execute it in your internet browser following this link. If it open a page with a html code, just click with the right mouse button and click over “save as”, save it and open and it’ll run normally.

Wordcloud 1— All Musics

It’s impossible not to note that “beer” is the biggest word in our wordcloud, and its quoted 181 times. The average is 10,64 times per album.

Treemap 1 — All Musics

It’s very interesting seeing the most quoted words from a band, it tell us the band’s main subject.

Except for will, that, in english can be interpreted as a word to put the verb in the future, or just be interpreted as “want”, “like” and/or “desire”. The other words shows us the big picture about Tankard.

Beer, Life, Time and Metal… Beer and Metal, Life and Time… I’d say that it sounds half alcoholic half filosofic.

As said before, Beer was quoted 181 times, life: 163, time: 124 and metal: 114. There are 20855 words in this dataset, those four words sums up 582 times, or 2,79% of the total. Or each hundred words, almost 3 of them are Beer, Life, Time and/or Metal.

Beer rate = (frequence_word_beer / total_words)

Beer rate: 0.86%

Each Album Analysis

  1. If you want to download the wordclouds, follow this link.
  2. If you want to download the treemaps, follow this link. (The HTML is interactive)

All Treemaps are made of the 40 most quoted words of each album.

1. Zombie Attack (1986)

Wordcloud 2 — Zombie Attack
Treemap 2 — Zombie Attack

My mind automatically generates some phrases from these wordclouds, but, “tonight come drink”, and think that sums it up well what Tankard is.

There are 1588 in this album.

This time the word “beer” was quoted just 6 times, but alcohol: 4 times and drink: 10 times. If we sum up those three words, 20 times.

Beer rate: 0.37%

2. Chemical Invasion (1987)

Wordcloud 3 —Chemical Invasion
Treemap 3 — Chemical Invasion

There are 1700 words in this album, “Beer” was quoted 21 times, drink: 9 times, drunk: 4 times, or 34 times of alcohol related words, or 2%

Beer rate: 1.23%

3. The Morning After (1988)

Wordcloud 4 — The Morning After
Treemap 4 — The Morning After

There are 1559 words in this album. Beer was quoted 6 times.

Beer rate: 0.38%

4. Alien (1989)

Wordcloud 5— Alien
Treemap 5 — Alien

There are 1097, “Beer” was quoted 4 times, drink also 4 times and drinking 2 times.

Beer rate: 0.54%

5. The Meaning Of Life (1990)

Wordcloud 6 — The Meaning of Life
Treemap 6— The Meaning of Life

There are 1587 in this album. “Beer” was quoted 19 times and drink 6 times.

Beer rate: 1.19%

6. Stone Cold Sober (1992)

Wordcloud 7— Stone Cold Sober
Treemap 7 — Stone Cold Sober

There are 1436 words in this album. “Beer” was quoted 10 times.

Note: In this case, “freibier” comes from german, and it mean “free beer”, so and it is quoted 19 times, so I will add it to the “beer rate”

Beer rate: 2.01%

7. Two-Faced (1994)

Wordcloud 8 — Two-Faced
Treemap 8 —Two-Faced

There are 350 words in this album. “Beer” was quoted 4 times.

Beer rate: 1.14%

8. The Tankard (1995)

Wordcloud 9 — The Tankard
Treemap 9 — The Tankard

There are 1394 in this album. “Beer” was quoted 14 times.

Beer rate: 1%

9. Disco Destroyer (1998)

Wordcloud 10 — Disco Destroyer
Treemap 10 — Disco Destroyer

There are 1583 words in this album. “Beer” was quoted 11 times.

Beer rate: 0.69%

10. Kings Of Beer (2000)

Wordcloud 11 —Kings of Beer
Treemap 11 — Kings of Beer

There are 969 words in this album. “Beer” was quoted 27 times.

Beer rate: 2.78%

11. B-Day (2002)

Wordcloud 12 —B-Day
Treemap 12 — B-day

There are 1748 words in this album. “Beer” was quoted 27 times.

Beer rate: 1.54%

12. Beast Of Bourbon (2004)

Wordcloud 13 — Beast of Bourbon
Treemap 13 — The Beast of Bourbon

Total number of words: 1215

Beer quotes times: 20

Beer rate: 1.65%

13. The Beauty And The Beer (2006)

Wordcloud 14 — The Beauty And The Beer
Treemap 14 — The Beauty and the Beer

Total number of words: 1467

Beer quotes times: 10

Beer rate: 0.68%

14. Thirst (2008)

Wordcloud 15 — Thirst
Treemap 15 — Thirst

Total number of words: 1054

Beer quotes times: 11

Beer Rate: 1.04%

15. Volume 14 (2010)

Wordcloud 16 — Volume 14
Treemap 16— Volume 14

Total number of words: 1147

Beer quotes times: 19

Beer rate: 1.66%

16. A Girl Called Cerveza (2012)

Wordcloud 17 — A Girl Called Cerveza
Treemap 17 —A Girl Called Cerveza

Total number of words: 428

Note: The word “cerveza” comes from spanish and it means “beer”. Cerveza word was quoted 20 times, so I will add it to Beer Rate:

Beer quotes times: 6 + 20 = 26

Beer rate: 6.07%

17. Rest In Beer (2014)

Wordcloud 18 — Rest In Beer
Treemap 18 — Rest In Beer

Total number of words: 533

Beer quotes times: 21

Beer rate: 3.94%

Beer Rate per Album

Graph 1 — Beer Rate per Album

The Beer Rate of this graph is different from the previous one of the entire dataset, ’cause there are words like “cerveza” and “bier” were taken in account.

So, if we add those words, the average is: 1.64%

About 3 words are “beer” in each 200 words in this data set.


Igor Comune.



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